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Why Ntisa is the best business management tool for SMEs – Ifeanyi Amah – Nairametrics


Running a business is hard enough. It’s even worse if it’s a small, unstructured business with no good management of sales, inventory, accounts, and all the other goodies. But maybe if all of these things could be handled in one application, the entrepreneur could focus on the critical parts of the business.

NTISA Business Solutions is a retail management solution that provides an end-to-end retail management product suite that makes life easier for business owners and their customers. Stemming from the idea of ​​Waje Smart Solutions – a three-year-old tech company – NTISA emerged last year as a disruptive method to change the old way people and businesses interact.

As a guest of Nairametrics Business Half Hour, tech entrepreneur Amah Ifeanyi explained that Ntisa Business Solutions is modeled as a business-to-consumer solution to help small businesses reach their consumers using automation tools.

The Ntisa application is available on the Playstore with several features. Sales and order management functions help merchants and logistics personnel manage and track sales and orders from the time the order is placed to successful delivery. Inventory management is another feature that allows businesses to take stock of all their products, merging online and offline inventory so that at all times they have a clear idea of ​​how much inventory they have left.

Delivery tracking and logistics management is a feature that brings the seller, buyer and delivery staff together in one space so that the product can be tracked from the time the order is placed, all the way through. from the delivery process until it arrives at the customer.

Explaining the need for this feature, Amah said: “What used to happen is that people order a product and then go into limbo. They don’t know where the product is and can’t track anything, and they keep calling the trader to ask questions. They have no idea who is delivering it or where it is. But what we have now is that all parties to the transaction have access to each other and know where the product is at every point.

The financial records speak volumes. A key issue for small businesses is financing, and in their search for loans or investments there will be requests for financial records. Now, NTISA retail management solutions have some accounting software connected to the app. Traders can now use this feature to get records and information about their trades and have certain accounting records that they can present in their fund research.

Whatever the number of branches, a merchant subscribed to the Ntisa platform can view sales on all of their products and branches, and measure the profitability of their activity. It is easy to spot which products are selling better and which products should be improved. And all of this is accessible with an affordable monthly subscription plan starting at N 6,880 for small businesses and N 2,000 per bike for small courier logistics.

In just 10 months of launch, the Ntisa app is increasingly adopted by traders in different cities in Nigeria, although the plan is to make this solid pan-African retail management solution in no time.

Adoption is happening gradually even in areas we never anticipated like Uyo and Port Harcourt. We take the fruits at hand first, being companies that have tried to adopt the technology but have had problems. Then, for the others, we educate them through different channels to show them how Ntisa can make their business easier ”, Amah said.

Expansion plans will bring Ntisa to Ghana before the end of 2021 and other English-speaking African countries over the next decade. According to Amah, the company is in the adoption and underwriting stage and reinvesting its cash flow. Options such as private equity financing will only be explored when the expansion plan exceeds available funds.