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The Bumpa app provides you with business management tools

Social commerce is driving the future of e-commerce. It is a subcategory of e-commerce that integrates the interactivity of social media with the ease of shopping online. And it seems like the best option for sellers, especially those who aren’t tech savvy.

The Bumpa app, formerly known as SalesCabal, started as a platform to host business owners‘ websites.

The brand new app is now on a mission to change the ecosystem for business owners by providing everything a business owner needs to run a business in one app. These include a website, sales records, invoices/receipts, business reports, messages, etc.

Its approach to social commerce and integration with Meta for seamless omnichannel connection has earned it the title of “king of social commerce” as it is the first of its kind in Africa.

We don’t just connect social media DMs on Bumpa, we empower business owners across Africa to turn any social media DM into a business hub by providing all the tools they need to make sales in one app.

Precious, spokesperson for Bumpa App

About Bumpa App

The Bumpa app was officially launched in 2021 as an inventory manager and mobile store builder, with the aim of making it easier for small businesses to track, monitor and manage their inventory, sales and multi-channel orders online and offline.

The app is 35MB in size and requires Android 5.0 or higher to run.

It offers Pro plans for premium access to certain app features (Bumpa PRO plan and a Starter plan). Subscribing to these plans allows users to onboard their own domain, multiple employee login, and enables meta-integration functionality, among others.

To help you understand how the Bumpa app works, we will review the app’s design, ease of use, features and services provided, and some user reviews.

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Application design

The background of the app is solid white with a hint of green. It also has a lighter shade of subtle colors on the homepage that highlights specific icons.

The app has five main feed pages: Home, which simply displays its deal analytics and all of its services, including a business empowerment blog section. The second feed page is “Products”, which shows all the products a seller has in stock, along with the quantity and cost price.

Bumpa app flow pages

The third feed page is called “Orders”. It displays all placed, pending and completed orders. The fourth page is titled “Clients and campaigns” and displays all business clients as well as promotions from client campaigns.

The final feed contains inventory management tools, store setup, support team, and account information.

Ease of use

The app appears to be very straightforward in terms of usability, thanks in part to its easy-to-read fonts and informative labeling. Moreover, creating a store on the Bumpa app is simple and can be done in less than a minute.

Navigating the app is quite simple, all services, communications and engagements can be done on the app.

Bumpa app offer

Inventory management

The business analytics section of the app automatically calculates total sales across online and offline channels, expenses, discounts given, profit, products sold and new products added, total customer engagement and website visits for its users.

Bumper App Business Analysis
Bumper App Business Analysis

There are also push order notifications and receipt invoice for each order which can be shared with customers.

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Store website

Along with inventory management tools, the platform also helps users create a free store website that can be shared directly with customers. This type of website works independently and all business transactions can be done without referring to the Bumpa app.

Bumpa Free Online Store Website
Bumpa Free Online Store Website

The delivery charge is fixed at 1,000 naira but there is a free pick up option. There are also different payment methods available, such as card, bank, transfer, USSD and Visa QR.

The most interesting feature of the website is that customers can communicate directly with the seller on WhatsApp through the chatbot customer service.

Entrepreneur Services

On Bumpa’s homepage, there is a link to a telegram community with over 2,841 members. In this community, sellers are trained on how to grow and market their businesses on social media platforms, as well as different financial upselling opportunities.

There are also various promotions, campaigns, coupons and discounts that sellers can offer to attract customers. These are just a few of the many ways the Bumpa team hopes to help business owners by providing financial literacy and business strategy tools.

Easy communication channels

With Bumpa, highly active sellers on social media can now manage their direct messages (DM) from their Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp business accounts on the Bumpa app at the same time without juggling between social media accounts. , thanks to the recent integration with Meta.

Sellers can also communicate with their customers through daily newsletters, emails, SMS, and automatic WhatsApp notifications.

Some feedback from Bumpa users
Bumpa app review
A Twitter user
Bumpa app review
A Google user


The Bumpa app is amazing especially for small and medium business owners. The idea of ​​providing these sellers with business and inventory tools is also brilliant, especially in Nigeria, where business management is not a common topic of conversation, although it is a unmet need among business owners.

However, the app is very slow and needs to be improved as page switching takes a long time.

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