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Small Business Management Platform vcita Launches Comprehensive Package for Small Business Owners to Get Paid Easily


SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / January 5, 2021 / Small business management platform vcita announced the launch of its new billing and payment collection management solution. vcita Payments is a single, integrated solution encompassing all the features small, service-oriented businesses need to get paid quickly and easily.

The revamped payment management solution integrates advanced automations, such as those typically used by large businesses, into an accessible interface that makes it easy for small businesses to collect payments. It supports a variety of workflows including quotes and invoices, prepaid service plans, and scheduled invoicing with custom cadences.

“Independent service providers often find collecting payments an uncomfortable process, especially when they are in contact with their customers throughout the week,” said Itzik Levy, CEO of vcita. “By bringing technology into the game, business owners are able to distance themselves from the collection process, reducing friction with customers and allowing them to focus on important things like providing better service and growing their business. business. “

With vcita payments, entrepreneurs can take advantage of an integrated infrastructure designed for small businesses, allowing each company to create their own business logic and create a collection process that works best for their business.

It covers all aspects of payments, including:

  • A secure customer portal allows business customers to pay for services from anywhere, anytime, using a variety of payment methods.
  • Professional-looking branded invoices can be generated automatically to include all open payments.
  • Polite payment reminders sent to customers to make sure everything gets paid on time.
  • A smart yet simple dashboard that provides a clear overview and revenue forecast based on upcoming orders and bookings.

All of these payment tracks are combined into a single system, through vcita’s proprietary payment gateway, providing small business owners with a one-stop-shop for their operational needs. vcita also integrates with a variety of third-party digital payment processing and e-wallet services such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

Vcita’s latest integration with Paypal’s e-wallet allows businesses to receive Venmo payments from customers directly to their Paypal accounts, without the need to create a Venmo account.

Using a dedicated tracking dashboard, vcita Payments enables business owners to track the status of every transaction, helping them plan ahead with greater confidence. Better visibility into the progress of invoices lets business owners know when to expect funds to clear, which customers usually pay at the last minute, and how to keep accounts on track. equality.

By removing barriers in the payment process, the new streamlined solution also aims to help small business owners improve their cash flow.

“Cash flow is an extremely common challenge for small businesses,” adds Levy. “Building a successful business is a lot about knowing how much and when to invest in growth, and on a more fundamental level it’s about whether you are able to pay the rent on time. Our goal is to equip small businesses with the powerful tools typically used by large players, giving them the visibility they need to make the right financial decisions.

Beyond vcita’s focus on directly creating value for small businesses, the company is partnering with banks, fintechs and digital payment providers to help them create rich educational experiences and software tools for their small business clients, helping these businesses gain a competitive advantage.

The launch of the all-in-one payment solution follows a wave of deployments for vcita, in which the company added a number of new features and capabilities to help small businesses thrive under stressful and unusual conditions. of the pandemic. These include the “Unusual Business», Portal developed in collaboration with MasterCard; “Pay by mobile”, For businesses to offer another contactless payment option; and “Packages, ”For small business owners to bundle services for more income.

At the same time, vcita has extended its partnerships with small business platforms and business offices around the world, to strengthen local business ecosystems.

About vcita

vcita helps SMEs and entrepreneurs build and run a business they are proud of and stay competitive in the digital economy, with a business management platform that covers everyday needs. Vcita’s cloud-based solutions help individual entrepreneurs and small teams manage their entire business, turning tedious tasks such as planning, collecting payments and marketing campaigns into simple one-click operations, from a single application.


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