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National counties rename Family BS for new mortgage business

The National Counties Building Society will transfer all new intermediate and direct mortgage business under the Family Building Society brand from December 1.

All mortgage transactions for new clients will be channeled through the Family Building Society, but will not affect existing product features, procurement fees, contact details or policy or criteria for ready. Previously, all new intermediary mortgage business was led by national counties.

From December 1, current and new mortgage products will be accessible through the dedicated intermediary website, with automatic redirects from the National Counties Intermediate Website.

National Counties will continue to operate for its existing customer base, customers approaching the end of their fixed or variable rate term will have the option to upgrade to a Family BS product.

Cammy Amaira, manager of middleman sales at the mutual, explained that the Family BS brand was a stronger brand that resonated more with middleman partners.

Keith Barber, Director of Business Development, added, “The Family Building Society brand was very well received when we launched it just over two years ago. It focuses on innovative and practical solutions for the mortgage and savings needs of all generations, both for first-time buyers, mid-life borrowers and later in life. Consolidating everything we do under one brand will make it easier and easier for our channel partners to use our solutions to help their customers solve the problems they face.

The lender has launched a line of innovative products in recent months, including its Retirement Lifestyle Booster, a 10-year interest-only mortgage that is paid off with a lump sum at the end and aims to help retirees downsize. .

In July, the mutual also launched an expatriate mortgage loan for owner-occupiers, which serves people paid partly in foreign currency.