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LMN launches LMN Gro, a business management software for mobile application

Designed and developed based on customer feedback that nearly 70% of customers expressed the need for solutions to manage their business on the go, Landscape Management Network (LMN), North America leader in B2B landscape business management software, today introduced the only green industry business management software in LMN Gro.

Designed to help aspiring landscaping and snow business operators improve productivity, maximize efficiency, and stay organized as they grow their business, LMN Gro is LMN’s next-gen solution to help entrepreneurs busy achieving operational excellence in their businesses.

The platform combines the features of LMN’s Pro software into an app-based solution available only on the Apple and Google Play stores, helping businesses and operators keep everything organized on their phones or tablets so they can stay aware of all work, costs, teams and clients.

Contractors can do it all from the mobile solution, including managing their clients, tracking jobs, developing and distributing estimates, managing schedules and employee time tracking, and processing billing to customers.

“LMN Gro is designed for entrepreneurs who are growing their business but can’t find the time to sit in an office and deal with estimates, invoices, etc.,” said Mark Bradley, CEO, LMN. “Many customers have told us that business management software can be intimidating. From installation to training to time in the office, the demands of running enterprise software can take small business owners away from the field for hours, negatively impacting their ability to serve customers. We’ve taken important elements from LMN Pro and optimized everything in LMN Gro to make their lives easier.

LMN Gro also simplifies operations for contractors in that it does not require an implementation process. Instead, business owners will have immediate access to online tutorials, training videos, and a solid library of articles to help them set up their accounts.

The app is supported by LMN’s customer support team, who are available both via in-app chat and in person to answer questions.

LMN Gro is also built on customer feedback, with nearly 70% of respondents to a business survey asking for solutions to successfully run all aspects of their business from a mobile device.

“We take customer feedback to heart in our product roadmap,” Bradley said. “It is through daily interaction with them and understanding this industry over the past 30 years that helps us develop solutions to do our part to help. We are really excited to bring LMN Gro to life.

LMN Gro is now available in Apple and Google Play stores for $99 per month, and comes with a 30-day free trial.

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