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IIM-Shillong Inaugurates Certificate Program in Business Management for Defense Officers

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong has inaugurated the Certificate Program in Business Management for Defense Officers.

In a statement, IIM said: “In order to bridge the gap between knowledge and action and to manage the changing dynamics of the military and commercial sectors, the six-month certificate program aims to give executives exposure depth in business management for analytical, strategic and entrepreneurial thinking”.

Air Marshal Dilip Kumar Patnaik, Air Commanding Officer (AOC in C), Eastern Air Command, “while sharing his own experience of passing on executive learning, said participants that this was a great opportunity to further their education at IIM Shillong while working in defence, to become leaders.

He continued, that a happy worker is a successful worker and that the “FAUJ” is a field very different in itself from the corporate world. To learn, it is important that they unlearn what they already know in order to absorb the information to which the faculty exposes them. Studying at IIM Shillong in very pleasant weather has particular advantages. He went on to describe how the program appeals to defense authorities, exposes learners to challenging real-world business scenarios across a variety of industries, organizations and management specializations, and is beneficial to the country in s relying on information from IIM Shillong.

Professor DP Goyal, Director of IIM Shillong, explained “how attractive the program is for defense officers. This program will build on the skills that defense officials already possess as a result of their years of excellent service to the nation, enabling them to use classroom activities and interact with their peers to further enhance their skills. The program provides the opportunity to update and refresh one’s skills using the latest and rapidly developing technologies. It is a specialized program designed to equip defense commanders with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for seamless transfer into the business world.

Dr. Goyal stressed to all participants that they should approach the six-month course as students, regardless of their respective positions or titles and try to understand and learn from each other.