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How to Grow Your Small Business Today with a Business Loan


The number of small and medium-sized businesses has increased in recent years. In terms of popularity and economic importance, they have shown promising growth. In addition to this growth, there was also an increase in competition.

Today, more and more small and medium-sized businesses are using new strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A large number of new business loan programs have resulted from this development. Commercial loans are an important source of capital for small businesses.

Today there are two forms of loans that SMEs can use to acquire capital: the business loan and the SME loan. They differ in some ways and resemble each other; however, their purpose is to satisfy the company’s desire to acquire assets.

Businesses benefit from these loans in many ways. The obvious advantage of loans is that when used effectively, they can greatly increase a business’s income. The correct timing of the markets is a crucial part of this skill.

Loans for business, holiday season and more

The holiday season is the perfect time for a market to thrive. Business sales are at their peak during this period and profits are skyrocketing. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly well off due to the increased demand in the market, as they can exploit sales and profits accordingly.

However, why would businesses take out a loan during the holiday season?

This question has a simple answer. When business owners have invested all of their finances in the business, their business is at greater risk than any other business. Small and medium-sized businesses are the hardest hit by market fluctuations. The capital can be gradually emptied from the owner in this way. In addition to providing capital assistance, a business loan and an SME loan can protect the assets of the business owner in the event of a downturn in business.

There is also an increase in demand for products and services during the holiday season. During the holiday season, sales and purchases remain at an all time high. Business owners are therefore forced to increase the output of their business to meet this increased demand. As a result, some additional equipment and machinery will need to be prepared for the increase in production. This can be solved with a business loan. A business owner does not need to invest on their own funds to obtain an SME loan or a business loan.

Different sectors of SMEs and the end-of-year celebrations:

Different sectors of SMEs are affected by the holidays in different ways:

Retail: The demand for electronics increases during the holiday season when shoppers are looking to buy new gadgets. Small and medium-sized retail businesses can thus benefit from increased production during the holiday season. In order to increase the production budget of retail businesses and use it for advertising and business marketing, they can obtain a business loan.

Ecommerce Sector: The holiday season certainly brings a lot of volatility. In an extremely competitive market such as e-commerce, companies offer sales and therefore require larger productions. An increase in production can lead to an increase in expenses, so acquiring a financial fund can help the business owner to pay these costs.

Hotel and restaurant businesses gain marginal momentum during the holiday season because people go on vacation. The increased customer load required by this sector will also benefit SME lending.

Industrial segment: During the holiday season, the demand for raw materials increases in the main market as well as in the wholesale market. For the higher demand, it is imperative to have additional capital. As a result, business loans are advantageous during high seasons like festival season.

It is clear from the trends in these sectors that SME loans are the necessary agent to make the sector thrive and capitalize on profits during the holidays.

Business Credit: The perfect boost for your business this holiday season!

If you are a small business owner looking to increase your business’ productivity and revenue, then the holiday season is a good time to shine. You can take advantage of the holiday season by applying for an SME business loan. NBFC like Ziploan which offers fast business loan within 3 days * at competitive interest rates.

Characteristics of an SME / business loan:

The main characteristics of the SME loan are described below:

The SME loan is intended to provide financial assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The repayment period for a business loan is usually short. NBFCs and banks offer three-year loans on average.

SMEs are not required to provide guarantees or mortgages as a prerequisite for loan approval.

A prepayment penalty is also applicable to some SME plans if the loan is repaid before the end of the repayment period. Depending on the lending institution, this characteristic may differ.

The starting rate for SME loans is Rs 50,000.

A secured business loan has a lower interest rate than a small business loan.

Benefits of the Holiday Season for SME / Business Loans:

The use of business credit during the holiday season offers the advantage of optimizing sales for your business. Small businesses benefit financially. Therefore, the owner has the opportunity to expand production without any hesitation.

In addition to tax exemptions, SME loans offer business owners deductions from business taxes.

Small business loans are also offered by several lending institutions with additional cash benefits for business owners who refer other owners to the establishment’s SME program.

Business owners can increase their assets and equipment through small business loans.

Businesses can avail of business loans without having to put their personal or business assets at risk to get approval.

As the insurance periods of these loans are short, they are useful in meeting short-term business goals. Especially during holiday periods when business sales are at their peak, this is an advantage.

Applying for a SME loan is quick and easy. Due to the lack of collateral, these loans are less complicated to apply for.

How to apply for a business loan:

Applying for a business loan is easy. It is also possible to apply for an MSME loan online. The following steps can be taken by an eligible candidate:

Offline method for the application:

Go to the bank or NBFC where you want to apply for the loan.

Fill out the loan application form.

Complete the application with all the required documents.

Once the loan application is verified, it will be approved.

Candidates can apply online:

Visit the official credit authority website after selecting the SME program that best matches your business goals.

Fill out the loan application form for the SME device of your choice.

Please enter your application IDs.

Attach the necessary documents to the request to verify the information.

The application goes for verification after you submit the application form and pay the additional application fee.

The loan will be sanctioned if the credentials of the request are genuine.

Documents required for the SME loan application:

Proof of Identity: An Aadhaar card, voter card, PAN or driver’s license is acceptable form of identification.

Valid documents for verifying a candidate’s residential address are Aadhaar cards, voter cards, and utility bills such as utility bills and telephone bills.

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