In a recent update to the OneDrive sync client in Windows 10, you can access both work and personal accounts. Here’s how to do it on PC, iOS, Mac, and Android.

With the availability of the new OneDrive sync client in Windows 10, users using SharePoint within their organization can quickly add and manage work accounts. If you are using an older version of Windows, you will need to update to the new client. We previously reviewed the new OneDrive universal app for Windows 10, which also supports adding work accounts.

If you didn’t know, this ability is already available on the mobile side of things. So let’s see how to set up an account on Windows, iOS, Android and Mac.

Add a work account to the OneDrive sync client

Windows 10

Right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area, then click Settings.

ON Biz 1

Select the “Account” tab, then click Add a professional account.

ON Biz 3

Next, you’ll be prompted to sign in using your Microsoft 365 – Formerly Office 365 credentials.

ON Biz 4

Click Next to configure your OneDrive folders. You can choose another location such as a drive or partition or stick to the default. Then select the folders you want to sync.

ON Biz 5

A separate OneDrive for Business client will be added to your notification area.

ON Biz 8

You can also access it from the file explorer.

ON Biz 7

OneDrive universal app for Windows 10

If you’re using the new OneDrive universal Windows app, you can add a work account from the hamburger menu and choose “Account settings”.

onedrive biz add

Click on Add an account, and sign in using your Office 365 credentials.

onedrive biz add 2

iOS and OS X

If you use OneDrive on iOS and OS X, you can also set up your work account there. On iOS, tap the account icon, click Add a work account, and sign in.

iOS business account

Click the account icon to switch between personal and work accounts on the fly.


In OS X, launch the OneDrive app, choose the OneDrive icon from the menu bar, then click Preferences.

Screenshot 23-05-2016 at 9:32:26 p.m.

Then select the Account tab and click on Add a professional account. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign in.

OneDrive for Business Mac

Continue to configure OneDrive to sync your folders just like you would in Windows. In addition, like in Windows, a OneDrive icon is added to the menu bar for quick access to managing your OneDrive Business settings.

Screenshot 05/23/2016 at 9:37:41 p.m.


The process is also similar on Android. Launch the OneDrive app, tap the hamburger menu, tap Add OneDrive for Business, and log in.

Android OneDrive for Business

Microsoft is also offering a new feature for the OneDrive desktop client, which allows you to manually set upload and download speeds.

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