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Disha Consultancy: a dedicated service for business management and tax advice


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Posted on 11.16.21, 9:26 PM

Every business, regardless of size, needs to be in control of its finances to generate optimal returns. The work does not stop with asset development but also involves careful management and selling if necessary. In addition, in today’s competitive market, business management allows companies to anticipate the potential risks associated with the operation of any asset. It also helps companies eliminate any loss-making segments of their business or make them more productive.

Therefore, businesses should realize the urgent need for effective business management as well as business ownership. But, how can a business involve a business management strategy? The most practical answer might be to go through a top-notch management company. Business management companies help businesses manage their businesses to improve compliance and support growth. This type of organization typically organizes and offers a wide range of business management services, including accounting, fund management, tax planning, tax reporting, and investment advice. The clientele of these management companies can range from high value companies and government organizations to NGOs and small businesses.

Disha Consultancy is a premium asset management and tax advisory service that has gained a considerable reputation in the field within 3 years of its birth. In 2018, MBA graduate Disha Hardick Bavishi planned to launch such a unique service driven by her passion for business management. Its sole purpose was to help small, medium and large businesses make informed business decisions. Asked about the company’s ambitions, Disha adds: “I have always been passionate about finance and understanding the potential of the Indian market. I felt there was a need to create a platform that could help industries and businesses solve their business management issues. Our goal at Disha Consultancy is to provide comprehensive business management solutions as well as comprehensive tax and accounting support at an affordable cost.

Through careful research, the consulting firm provides its clients with an attractive portfolio by ensuring that all assets are functional. Making profitable returns on investment requires strategic planning. Managing a suboptimal asset can be a nightmare for businesses. Using macro and micro analysis tools, Disha Consultancy ensures that your money is going to the right place, that your business is run appropriately, that your resources are used optimally to create maximum added value. Their business management software is an all-in-one strategy for businesses. This makes their hiring more affordable, especially for small and medium businesses.

With a team of expert professionals, Disha Consultancy has already added more than 50 clients under its hood. The very experienced people of the firm support their clients in all areas, from accounting management to tax advice, including audit assistance thanks to their exceptional legal expertise. Moreover, the hard work, work ethic, morality and transparency of the company have made it a trustworthy name in the consulting market. Carrying the vision of being a valuable asset management service, Disha Consultancy makes dynamic efforts to lend a hand to budding businesses.