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COBAIT launches BizTRAQ business management software


Houston, TX, July 25, 2021 – ( – COBAIT’s flagship solution, BizTRAQ Business Management Software, is a subscription-based application that was designed as a one-stop solution to manage all business needs – allowing businesses to centralize their data, documents, information, business processes and people in a single, transparent solution.

BizTRAQ helps accelerate digital transformation for the local and remote workforce to manage communication, collaboration and sharing of data, information and business processes while reducing business disruption and improving the business continuity. One of the main features of the app is to enable custom modules for specific business needs without any additional development or complicated professional services engagement.

“Most companies don’t need a complicated solution to streamline their business processes. They need a solution implemented in small, scalable and manageable chunks to minimize complexity and simplify the process, ”says CEO Rafey Kazi, a high-performing executive with over 24 years of experience in innovation and success in business. management, expansion and growth of global technology. organizations, including C-level experience with the Fortune 500 company.

“With BizTRAQ, our goal is to help our customers succeed by centralizing and sharing data, information and business processes. An innovative yet flexible solution, combining the traditional functions of files, data, business processes, information management, storage and sharing in one single platform, ”explained Rafey Kazi, CEO.

Whether you are dealing with Contacts, Contracts, HR, Assets, Projects, Reviews, Assignments, Compliance or just any business case, BizTRAQ can manage, track, share and alert on any information. by providing the ability to access and collaborate globally, eliminating the need for traditional file servers, VPNs, and expensive infrastructure.

Projects get more difficult when multiple and complicated tools are involved. BizTRAQ was therefore designed to provide a tool that requires very little experience in project management and yet is extremely effective and efficient. A simple yet comprehensive dashboard provides an overview of daily tasks, assignments, reviews, tickets, expirations, due dates, announcements and more.

For over 2 decades, COBAIT has provided comprehensive solutions for multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, energy, law, construction, real estate, service industries, nonprofits and many more. others. When it comes to HIPAA, PCI or any other compliance related function, BizTRAQ provides a complete solution for maintaining records, policies, procedures and training. Business and employee compliance can be tracked and managed without having to leave the portal.

“COBAIT works with its clients to make business more efficient and secure. Through our software and service offerings, we partner with global organizations and execute complex initiatives cost effectively. Our mission is to help businesses stay focused on their core business by providing comprehensive technology, IT and development services that support the business, ”adds Rafey.

Founded in 2000, COBAIT has been providing and developing advanced technological solutions for over two decades providing businesses and organizations with innovative and profitable products and business solutions. With a combined experience of Fortune 500 companies and vertical expertise, COBAIT has executed and implemented complex initiatives profitably for more than 2 decades.

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