Business management

Cambrian Launches Graduate Certificate in Business Management

New program ‘will encourage students to meet the challenge of a global marketplace’

In September, Cambrian College helps students think big by preparing them for careers in globally operating companies.

Cambrian is launching a new program, Global Business Management. This is a graduate certificate program for students who already have a college diploma, university degree, or an appropriate combination of post-secondary education and work experience.

“We know that many companies are exploring opportunities far beyond their traditional local market and we want to prepare our graduates to work internationally,” says Brian Lobban, Dean of the School of Business.

“The Global Business Management program does just that. This program will encourage students to meet the challenge of a global marketplace and provide them with the knowledge and skills to achieve their international business goals.

Courses to be taught include global business technology, organizational behavior, business ethics, new business creation, and cross-cultural management.

The courses are not only about imparting theory. They are tactical, designed to be hands-on, concrete, problem-solving learning experiences.

Most Cambrian graduate certificate programs last two or three semesters. Global Business Management is a four-semester program, with the additional semester offering many benefits to students.

“The fourth semester will include paid co-op – earn while learning – with a company across Canada that does business globally,” says Lobban.

“You also have the option of studying with a partner institution in another country for all or part of the semester. The learning is much more extensive than a traditional one-year graduate certificate program.

“Additionally, all four semesters can be taken consecutively, meaning the entire program can be completed in 16 months.”

There is also an advantage for international students. International students who complete a two-year graduate certificate program are eligible for a three-year work permit, compared to a one-year work permit upon completion of a graduate certificate program one year.

The Global Business Management program prepares students to work with accounts, products, and people in international and domestic businesses.

The program emphasizes leadership, critical analysis, business communication, and effective teamwork to effectively manage the human, physical, and financial resources associated with international business.

“To succeed in the competitive world of post-secondary education, we must listen to what students want,” said Dr. Paula Gouveia, Vice President Academic at Cambrian.

“As an institution, we don’t just follow trends, we also have to anticipate them. We are also very committed to finding out what students want and need and where they want to go, and we design our programming around that demand. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also why Cambrian is the college of choice in Northern Ontario.

For more information, visit the Cambrian website.