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Business management techniques already place the worker at the center of SME strategy

For the second consecutive year after the pandemic, Las Vegas (Nevada, United States) is hosting the Caesars Forum these days Suiteworld Congress, the Great Celebration of Business Management Systems in the Cloud (ERP, for its acronym in English) From the giant company NetSuite owned by Oracle.

And we say party, because like any self-respecting event of these characteristics, staging is taken very seriously in the United States.

Live percussion music, colored lights and stunts of motorcyclists and cyclists opened the event’s main show, which the company devotes an hour and a half to itself. Showcase your most important innovationPrides itself on its statistics and allows some of its clients to share their experiences with the analysts and companies they meet: More than this year 5,000 people stroll through the huge corridors of this Palais des Congrès And 8,000 others follow the event online.

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if last year face to face It was the main social milestone of the event, this year it was the lack of masks.

Now, in a country where taxi drivers and even customs officers make you look ugly for wearing face protection, everyone sees his face.

Following the NetSuite keynote held this Wednesday, some of the faces they saw were interesting given the possibilities offered by the featured novels; There was some unease in the other faces -After all, no major disruptions have been seen in this phenomenon, at least for now, which may force the sector to reconsider its cause-And one last group you can say is to think more about the best place to dine in town rather than what’s happening on stage or in the exhibitor area.

Obviously, in the beginning, the balancing act beyond – by the way, they were the epitome of the skill with which many companies, thanks to NetSuite, surely overcame obstacles – Everyone expects to know what’s new.

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What did they do yesterday in the absence of great revolutions, as they say Evan Goldberg, Executive Vice President and NetSuite. founder ofwas to introduce reforms in society – significant, yes – of his platform in areas such as Finance and human resources.

Paying attention to a group of CIOs or having breakfast coffee with any company representative present at the event is to assume that Managing the internal business processes related to these two areas is an increasing challenge.

Evan Goldberg at the start of the presentation. Photo: Japan

This is why the development of existing products and the creation of new products are so important. This refines the platform with which NetSuite helps small and medium businesses grow and scale around the world.

new equipment such as Accounts Payable Automation or Workforce Management Solution (Associated Press).

For the first, it is a tool for controlling and managing invoices to be paid on supplier accounts. ,Too often the process is slow, tedious and error-prone,” Goldberg said., “By simplifying and automating the entire bill payment process, from data entry to payment, Associated Press Automation eliminates these challenges. It helps companies streamline and improve a key operation, enabling Associated Press teams to operate efficiently. authorized. more efficiently and ultimately reduces costs,” he added.

this device is in Automated payment services provided by HSBC. This unit is “at the forefront of the integrated banking revolution and is the largest implementation” bank as a service “Fully integrated into a globally recognized cloud ERP system,” said Barry O’Burn, CEO of HSBC Global Commercial Banking.

The Las Vegas event has virtually no Spanish presence, which indicates that NetSuite’s influence in our country can still improve.

With regard to human resources management, we are talking about a solution With the aim of improving the motivation of workers by improving the cost of labor and therefore their efficiency.

automation of routine tasksProvides unique workforce planning recommendations to help organizations optimize their business goals, such as workforce planning, tracking employee work hours, or calculating salaries.

They are of particular importance, of course, Artificial intelligence enhancements for organizationsBecause “they can quickly adjust staff to keep pace with changing business conditions,” Goldberg notes.

The standards that have been outlined for future business management speak of a pampered worker. Teleworking, reconciliation or closing the gender gap are some of the trends that more and more companies should take into account.

more contribution

In which way, ERPs, as NetSuite demonstrates at this convention, couldn’t be different And they implement all kinds of tools to improve the efficiency of the company in this regard.

Albert Triola, head of Oracle in Spain, said earlier in his day, in an interview with D+I, because of a rivalry with another ERP, SAP. ,What we do with many customers is their current ERP solutions, among other components. The next generation could be well positioned when these companies consider a possible migration to the cloud,” he said.

this improvement, The next generation components you are looking for which are irrevocably tied to corporate finances and workforces.

really, virtually no Spanish representation In this American meeting, which also shows that the influence of NetSuite in our country still has a lot of room for improvement.

But the presentation was More contributions that improve the platformFor example, CPQ is a solution that allows customers to quickly configure, price and quote complex products directly in NetSuite.

Ship Central was touted as a solution that helps customers optimize shipment processing operations, Eliminate manual processes and speed up delivery by giving warehouse workers packing and shipping capabilities on a mobile device or kiosk.

And finally, Analytics Warehouse, an improvement that allows companies to simplify data management, Accelerate finding information and provide access to more pre-built third-party data integrations and industry-specific content.

Moreover, data, intelligent systems and supply chains, Other major global trends that are implementing ERPs more and more frequently.

Evan Goldberg later said at a press conference in response to reporters’ questions that “We have exciting years ahead of us. If he did not want to go further on the direction of the company and its strategy, he revealed that “we are going to have to reinvent the way of improving the user experience”.

Good numbers washed down with a glass of wine from the boss’s wife

What could happen between Game 4 of the NBA Playoff Series Golden State Warriors What about the Memphis Grizzlies with NetSuite’s ERP and the company’s flagship program, SuiteWorld?

Also, the common link is any Joe, during the event’s keynote, was at one point accompanied by the company’s Executive Vice President and Founder, Evan Goldberg, while drank a glass of wineYes, you read that right.

This rose, like the others the partners from NetSuite, to talk about the benefits of this cloud-based ERP for his company. What happens is that in addition to carrying a glass of wine, another circumstance caught the eye: she herself was Goldberg’s wife. Yes, keep reading: The boss’ wife came on stage with a glass of wine.

Many now must be wondering why this is so. The good results highlighted by the company yesterday were not made to be celebrated: Approximately 20% increase in subscribers in one year to 32,000. Reach And they believe that when Oracle acquired the company in 2016, it had tripled.

The reason, in fact, has to do with the basketball game we were referring to, which took place last May.

And the thing is, that day in that game, Goldberg’s wife was sitting in the front row with a drink when, at some point in the game, one of the Golden State Warriors stars, Draymond Green, wasn’t only a meter away from him. was remote. An angry referee argued a decision. He did not hesitate to advise the player to calm down, that everything is fine.

Photos went viral and Goldberg’s wife got baptized wine mom -Mother is drinking- which, in American culture, symbolizes the stress that mothers experience when raising their children.

Goldberg himself presented them as wine mom time and Not least was the importance of NetSuite’s ERP in designing sustainable bags in his business. Or those customer growth numbers.