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Business management expert Bernie Haffey publishes

Boston, U.S., Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — President and founder of business management consulting firm Haffey&Co., Bernie Haffey has released his new book, “Cutting Through: Your Company’s High Performance Management System.” The book is a comprehensive exploration of the nuances of major high performance management that turn good companies into great ones.

Prior to founding Haffey & Co., Bernie was EVP and CCO at two public companies and CEO of two VC-backed companies. He currently enjoys the intellectual challenge and diversity of the board. His book, “Cutting Through,” provides much of the same insight usually obtained through consulting services specifically designed to guide CEOs, especially newly appointed CEOs, to lead their companies to success.

“If you personally want to perform at a higher level, or lead your team to do the same, read
“Cutting through!” Whether refreshing your own performance or instilling HPMS in your business, “Cutting Through” is a practical, relevant and action-packed read that inspires ideas with every chapter and example,” said Stacy Enxing Seng | President of ‘ev3, President of Covidien, Venture Partner of Lightstone Ventures.

By following the pillars of “Cutting Through”, companies can orchestrate corporate culture as part of a higher performing management system and understand the importance of the first follower. Readers will experience the power of subtraction, elimination, and simplification when building the foundations and system for success.

Some of the world’s largest companies such as Ford, Medtronic, Ritz Carlton, IBM and Amazon have established successful management systems. “Cutting Through” helps readers understand how these great companies succeeded and apply that knowledge to their own businesses.

Underperforming companies, new CEOs, and even seasoned professionals will discover how to achieve world-class customer, employee, and financial results with “Cutting Through.”

“Cut Through: Your Business’ High-Performance Management System” is available on Amazon.

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