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Bringing the Data Analytics Advantage to Business Management Professionals: The Tribune India

In the current scenario, customers have more power than businesses, which has amplified the importance of data analytics for everyone. Analytics of data arm organizations with the right insights into customer aspirations, needs and behaviors. This cuts down on large expenditures on unnecessary advertising, which results in effective target-based product marketing, which leads to exponential increases in sales and business revenue, which ultimately benefits organizations in the long run.

With the rapid adoption and integration of Industry 4.0 and 4.1 technologies across the globe, the reach of data-driven decision-making is bound to increase. This will result in an increase in the number of lucrative employment opportunities, which would require a skilled and skilled workforce to help businesses navigate an increasingly complex landscape and thrive in an unstable business environment. . “Learning about data-driven product management could help learners develop the relevant skills expected in today’s VUCA environment, thus providing significant opportunities for professionals and students interested in the field”, declared Teacher. Rajeev Kumra, Professor, Marketing, Ex-Dean, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. IIM, Lucknow offers Data-driven product management program to meet the increasing demand for professionals in this field. So far, a total of seven cohorts of the course have been organized to train more than 550 learners and professionals in data-driven product management. In an interaction with J&C shares details about this innovative course. Extracts .

Could you tell us more about the course structure of the DDPM and how it was developed?

A. In view of the growing demand for data-driven business management, the DDPM program has been organized and designed to prepare and develop skilled, data-savvy talent. This specialized and niche program responds to the need to train well-rounded product managers who are skilled in the design, data analysis and application of Industry 4.1 technologies.

The IIM Lucknow Executive Program in Data-Driven Product Management is a LIVE online program focused on projects and experiential learning based on case studies. The program focuses on a wide range of aspects related to product management, ranging from building, managing, delivering to marketing and selling products. Through this program, we aim to familiarize professionals and interested learners with the applications and methodologies of data-driven decision-making and equip them with the necessary skills to successfully build and manage the product lifecycle of end to end.

We’ve been offering this program for seven cohorts now, in association with WileyNXT, a partner in Wiley’s online executive education program. The company’s quality services and support effectively help our learners graduate, develop their skills, and advance their careers.

Who should attend ? Are there program eligibility criteria?

A. The Executive Alumni program is suitable for professionals involved in product development and management. These include Product Managers – Business and Product, Unit Managers, Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, etc. who seek to gain proven, data-driven expertise for career growth opportunities. The course is also suitable for software development and technology professionals who aspire to move into product management roles.

As a leading institute with a heritage of over three decades, this program at IIM Lucknow emphasizes quality over quantity. The eligibility criteria have been decided to keep in mind the program and the structure of the program. This course is open to entry-level professionals with at least one year of experience. A cumulative grade point average of 50% is required to enroll in the program.

What role does this program play in training students and professionals and preparing them for the future?

A. At IIM Lucknow, our goal is to make today’s managers into future-ready leaders and we share this vision with our executive education program partner, WileyNXT. This program addresses the full range of product marketing strategies that are driven by qualitative research, design thinking, and analytical skills. As part of this program, learners receive hands-on training to work with various techniques, algorithms, and analytical tools. Complex problem solving, case studies, and customer-centric prototype development using design thinking and UX frameworks are a core part of the program curriculum. The seven-month course aims to provide a mix of theoretical and practical learning, enabling learners to take on impressive roles and carve out successful careers in product and marketing.

Is this course globally recognized and does it open up global employability opportunities?

A. Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow is one of the most coveted management institutes in India. When it comes to business and management schools, we have a global reputation as a bespoke leader. For more than three decades, we have been committed to our mission to provide quality education and produce skilled talent and professionals. Our alumni represent us in every nook and corner of the world.

Right now, we might see a definite shortage of skilled labor, especially in areas like IT, ITS, and technology. This problem is not only limited to India but is seen across the globe. Organizations around the world are embroiled in a war for talent and are constantly looking for a future-ready workforce trained to meet the challenges thrown up by digital and cutting-edge business environments. .

As a course focused on developing critical and niche skill sets, I think it could definitely open up multiple avenues and opportunities for learners and candidates.

As said to Geetu Vaid