Business management

Apptio partners with Microsoft to provide business management information and applications for IT

Apptio announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deploy Apptio’s Financial Decisions Platform on the Microsoft Cloud to help businesses migrate and optimize workloads.

“The adoption of the cloud and the wide variety of services and consumption models present has given businesses the flexibility to keep pace with the demands of the digital economy. However, this flexibility can lead to surprises when the bill arrives,” said Ralph Loura, SVP and CIO, Lumentum. “The collaboration between Microsoft and Apptio will help business leaders use Microsoft cloud services with the visibility and control they need, and their businesses rely on.”

Every business function, including finance, human resources, supply chain, and marketing, has a business management app that helps them streamline processes and deliver insights. Building the next generation data-driven application for CIOs is a top priority for Apptio and Microsoft.

Through this collaboration, Apptio will offer customers a modern business management application for IT, which enables customers migrating to the Microsoft cloud to use data to make real-time decisions, optimize their investments and deliver compelling information.

Apptio will use the power of Dynamics 365 to ingest human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other financial and operational data sources into its market-leading planning and costing engine . Apptio will also enable automated extraction of transformed data from Power BI for customizable analytics, insights, reporting, and application development.

Apptio’s rich technology spend data will enhance the Dynamics 365 business management system, so businesses large and small can get a holistic view of their technology investments.

“Microsoft offers enterprise cloud services from Office 365 to Azure to Dynamics and is one of the most strategic partners for CIOs, CFOs and CDOs. We are excited to partner with Microsoft and further integrate Apptio’s business management applications for technology leaders to help customers manage, plan and optimize their technology investments and accelerate the customer journey to Microsoft Cloud Platforms,” said Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio.

As part of the strategic collaboration, Apptio will deepen its support for Microsoft Cloud platforms by:

  • Provide powerful financial insights and recommendations to analyze on-premises migrations to Azure.
  • Driving the total cost of ownership (TCO) of infrastructure and applications, optimization and decision making.
  • Optimization of expenses on platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.
  • Generation of sprint savings, features and product units to enable formulation of P&L for new digital development.
  • Building information-driven applications for IT by integrating with Dynamics Financials, HR and project data, and exporting data to the Microsoft Power BI platform.
  • Running the Cloudability SaaS solution on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The initial release will focus on providing Microsoft Azure customers with Apptio Cloudability, an industry-leading cost optimization and management solution for public cloud environments. This includes Apptio’s intelligent discovery, usage and cost management software for enterprise SaaS applications. Apptio’s solutions will use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 to deliver unparalleled visibility and decision making to cloud customers.

“Customers are accelerating the deployment of cloud-based services and solutions to gain efficiencies, reduce costs, engage customers in new ways, and facilitate better decision-making based on data-driven insights,” said Casey. McGee, Vice President, Global ISV Partners, Microsoft. “With the availability of their Microsoft cloud-based financial decision-making platform, Apptio can deliver significant benefits to customers, across a wide variety of industries, looking to transform their business.”

Apptio will be available through Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The two companies will collaborate in joint marketing and sales efforts.