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Acorn Business Management Specialists: 20 years of continuous growth and expertise

It’s quite a triumph marking 20 years at the head of a prosperous and constantly expanding company.

And for founders Declan Bradley and Dominic McMullan and their growing company Acorn Business Management Specialists, the future looks brighter and brighter.

The company has undergone a major rebranding, formerly Acorn IT Solutions, and is a business management software company and one of the largest fully accredited Sage Business Partners here.

And he continues to work with some of the clients he first dealt with two decades ago.

The Kilrea-based business continues to expand beyond its base – opening a new office in Dublin, with plans for another in Glasgow as it rolls out across Britain.

“The company was established in 2002. We were working with other businesses but saw a gap in the market to expand the reach beyond Belfast in terms of providing business solutions to businesses,” says Declan.

Declan and Dominic have worked with Sage products since leaving university, and the selection of software and solutions has been ingrained in them throughout their careers.
“This experience gave us a good understanding of the different product roadmaps and what to expect from Sage customers. And since 2002, the company has continued to grow.

Acorn Business Management Specialists work with a wide range of clients across Ireland – from start-ups to small businesses and SMEs with large headcounts and turnovers.

The company is now a team of 13, but that number is expected to increase soon as it expands its reach in the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. Acorn recognizes that growth is not possible without the efforts of its committed and talented workforce, and appreciates the efforts of all staff. The company added to the board by recently promoting Deaglan Lowry to director to help with the company’s strategic vision.

“We tried to expand our offerings in terms of products and solutions, spread across different verticals,” says Declan.

“We mainly work on the whole SME market. Our core product focuses on customers who can benefit from Sage 200 – this can be anyone from a company with a turnover of £1m to much larger companies.

In its customer portfolio, Acorn supports more than 100 companies using Sage 200, across a wide range of industries, highlighting how the company’s solutions can be configured to meet unique business needs, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, wholesale, distribution, retail, food businesses. production and utilities.

“But essentially there are no restrictions on who we work with,” says Declan.

“We can start with an initial meeting to really establish what the client needs and then build on that.”

Declan says some of his clients have been with them since day one.

“Some of our clients have been with us for 20 years since we started. We have continued to increase the number of support customers we have year after year and continue to provide top-level customer service.

Declan says he can help and support a variety of businesses with a wide range of accounting, finance, and business management software, especially those in the growth stage.

“It’s about creating tailored solutions for each of our customers, from the smallest operators to those with large workforces and revenues,” says Declan.

And its own growth is central to its continued success in the SME sector here and beyond. “We are still ambitious and continue to grow,” says Declan.

“We continue to grow in the different verticals, but also geographically and also.”

And speaking of its continued growth and reach across Ireland, and now in Britain, Declan says the company has just opened a new office in Dublin and Belfast, with plans on the horizon for a another in Glasgow.

“We further have the ambition to expand into the rest of Britain as well,” says Declan.

“We are also very well supported by Sage in these ventures, both by Sage in Dublin and Newcastle – it really helps us build strong relationships.
Declan says strong relationships and expansion allow the company to adapt to new technologies. And rebranding the company was another key step in his journey, says Declan.

“Our new name, Acorn Business Management Specialists, is more in line with what we do on a day-to-day basis. We provide business management solutions for businesses across Ireland and Great Britain.

“Our growth will not only improve the range of products we currently have, but also add entirely new products that Sage may launch.

“We want to be seen as one of Sage’s premier business partners, at the forefront of offering the latest technologies.
“We can be the first port of call for any business management solution issues a business may have, and then help businesses improve.”

Acorn Business Management Specialists continues to hire as it expands its operations, and Declan says he’s returning to in-person events this month. This includes events in Belfast and Dublin.