The Museum of North Texas History

And Wichita County Archives

720 Indiana - Wichita Falls, Texas

The Museum of North Texas History is continuing to raise funds for the Western Room.  The area will not only be for “Nat’s Hats” collection (all five hundred of them) but will also be a Western Room featuring early ranching artifacts.


Currently the Museum is displaying a horse-drawn  buggy, Joe Bridwell’s saddle, a collection of barbed wire, a chuck box and a side saddle.  Also, in this collection is the jewelry box made from the hoof of a stolen Waggoner  Ranch horse. The stolen horse, used in the robbery of the City National Bank in 1898, was killed in the “get-a-way” as was the bank teller.  The robbers were apprehended, hanged and are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Wichita Falls, Texas. 


Nat Fleming was in business in Wichita Falls, Texas selling boots and hats to cowboys in North Texas for 54 years. And when you bought a new hat, you could leave the old one and it was hung on the wall along with all the others… some famous, some not so famous. Now after closing The Cow Lot Western Wear store, this wonderful collection will be preserved at the Museum of North Texas History.


You can tell by looking that Nat Fleming is proud of these hats, and we’re proud to help preserve their wonderful history. And you can help by making a contribution today to help build the room to display them.


Please help us reach our goal of $40,000 and keep Nat’s Hats at the Museum of North Texas History.


The Oil Exhibit relives both the modern and glory day of the Oil Boom in North Texas.

Western Room

Oil Exhibit